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Wood-Mizer sawmill in the local area

If you’re looking for a sawmill service I have a Wood-Mizer LT 30 capable of sawing up to a 32" by 16ft log into custom size lumber.

Years of experience

With years of professional sawing most of our work comes from one time clients that want to use their own timber for personal use. We are happy to help folks in the efficient use of their own resources

Quick Reference Guide

#1: Know what your going to use your lumber for. This helps you decide the practicality of your project. How long to cut your logs, the stacking and storing your lumber. #2 Transporting your logs to the sawmill. I find a trailer is an easier option. #3 My fee’s: $.40 pbf hardwood, $.35 pbf softwood. $20 blade charge if I hit a nail. There’s a number of reasons I don’t move the sawmill, mostly related to productivity.


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